Unfortunately we are completely sold out of wristbands until further notice. A massive thanks to everyone that has been buying them, we’ve raised a phenomenal amount of money for MND which hopefully will help towards a cure for the horrific disease.

There have been some positive discoveries lately, and hopefully these can now be researched and turned into cures. Also thank you to everyone that participated in the Ice bucket challenge nearly two years ago since that huge sums of money that have been raised have been primarily from this viral life-saver.

Feel free to get in touch on the blog of any MND events that you may be hosting or attending.

We’re on the right path, hopefully the journey won’t be too long.

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New genetic discoveries tell us more about what causes MND – Part 2 — MND Research Blog

Two sets of MND genetic results were published yesterday. One of these results was about the importance of a new gene called NEK1. The second highlighted the role of gene C21orf2 in MND – we wrote an article about this yesterday. Both sets of results were published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics. What are […]

via New genetic discoveries tell us more about what causes MND – Part 2 — MND Research Blog

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Take a look at #TheRealALSChallenge

Have a to, share it and spread the word


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The Real ALS Challenge

I challenge you to watch it and take it – share it and educate those who are informed about the disease. With the global media focused on ALS, now is a better time than any to do your bit for MND/ALS.

Click the link to watch the video – it’s only short.

The Real ALS Challenge

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Motor Neurone Disease Wristbands / MND Wristbands

We’ve had a number of requests for MND wristbands either directly from the blog or via the Facebook page.


I’m currently away for a prolonged period (returning circa July 2015) with limited access to email/blog/facebook – the best thing to do is email Liz – liz@mycarquotes.co.uk who will be able to send some out to you right away.


Any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself on lyell1607@gmail.com but apologies for any delay in my response.


Keep up the great fundraising and awareness spreading – whether that involves soaking yourself in ice water, doing a cake sale or selling MND wristbands it’s all for a great cause!




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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has cause a 1000% spike in ALS donations. 

And for your entertainment – here are the twenty best videos so far according to the telegraph:


To be clear ALS/MND is an awful, debilitating disease that is worthy of donor dollars. It essentially triggers a slow paralysis in sufferers by causing the nerve cells to stop working. It’s also a death sentence. From the time of diagnosis, most people live only two to five years. There’s no cure, and, more than 70 years after baseball star Lou Gehrig drew attention to the cause, scientists still don’t know what brings it on.


Here are a few more links which are interesting and can enlighten you on the challenge:



Raising awareness is what I set out to do with this blog and if you’re reading this now, I challenge you not to pour ice water over your head, but to share this link or this blog with at least 5 others. Awareness is key to fighting the disease and it’s unbelivable how much help the press and media attention have given to this horrific disease. 

And if you’d like another challenge, see the post below: A mile for ALS. But I warn you, you have to be extremely strong to do that challenge. 

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Helen Carter’s Story



Helen Carter (33) and three friends, Lauren Morrison (24), Emily Morrison (22) and Rebecca Crossley (31) from Newcastle upon Tyne, have been working so hard since January to raise as much money as possible for The Motor Neurone Disease Association.


We chose this charity as it is close to all our hearts as back in September 2013 Lauren, Emily and Rebecca`s dad Bob Morrison was diagnosed with MND. At the time his daughter Lauren was travelling Australia and flew straight home to be with her family but was sent back to finish her travels by her dad, she is now home for good.


I have known Bob since I was a child and grew up with his daughters and seeing how much this illness has affected him and his family’s life’s, inspired me to do something to help Bob and others who are affected by this terrible illness. That’s when I got together with Bob`s daughters and our fundraising started.


We have already had the following charity events:-


February 2014- Bucket collection at the Coxlodge Club Gosforth we raised £120


May 2014- Bag pack at Tesco North shields we raised £464


June 2014- Charity night at The Windsor Kingston Park we have raised £1610.35 but there is still more money to be added to that amount as money still coming in. We also run a weekly beer draw at The Windsor to raise extra funds, this is a big hit the regulars. Our charity night has been our biggest success so far with the help of local people and businesses making donations. We had so much donated that we were able to have a raffle, auction and tombola. Some of the prizes were a signed Newcastle United shirt, signed Falcons top, trampoline, BBQ, a night’s stay with dinner and breakfast at the Hilton and lots more. I also had the help of four brave lads who volunteered to be waxed on the night to raise extra money.


But our best donation, which we organised for Bob himself to keep was a personalised letter and signed football shirt from Rangers Football Club. Bob is absolutely over the moon with this as he is a big Rangers supporter, we presented this to Bob as a surprise on the charity night.


We also have some more ideas that we are working on at the minute to raise more money for our MNDA fund which we are hoping will be just as successful as the events we have already had.


All of this is just the run up to our main charity event which is our skydive at Shotton Airfield, Peterlee on Saturday 12th July 2014. We have also raised sponsor money for this which is now in the 1000`s.


If anyone would like to sponsor us please follow this link it will take you to our charity page www.doitforcharity.com/HCarter. You can also find our group on face book charity skydive for Bob Morrison & The Motor Neurone Disease Association.



By Helen.

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