ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has cause a 1000% spike in ALS donations. 

And for your entertainment – here are the twenty best videos so far according to the telegraph:

To be clear ALS/MND is an awful, debilitating disease that is worthy of donor dollars. It essentially triggers a slow paralysis in sufferers by causing the nerve cells to stop working. It’s also a death sentence. From the time of diagnosis, most people live only two to five years. There’s no cure, and, more than 70 years after baseball star Lou Gehrig drew attention to the cause, scientists still don’t know what brings it on.


Here are a few more links which are interesting and can enlighten you on the challenge:

Raising awareness is what I set out to do with this blog and if you’re reading this now, I challenge you not to pour ice water over your head, but to share this link or this blog with at least 5 others. Awareness is key to fighting the disease and it’s unbelivable how much help the press and media attention have given to this horrific disease. 

And if you’d like another challenge, see the post below: A mile for ALS. But I warn you, you have to be extremely strong to do that challenge. 

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