What am I?

I have been to 74 Countries, I have been visited 4,637 times. When I was really popular 165 people came to visit me in one day. I am here to raise awareness and I think on my 1st birthday I can say I have helped to do that.

You Guessed it…The Blog! Happy Birthday Me! (I set it up 1 year ago today)


I’ve been seen in 74 countries!!! 4,637 times!! That’s incredible, thank you so much to everyone who has shared it with even one person ‘Every little helps!’

It’s you guys who determine how much this blog can impact – how many people see it. It will always be here and it will always have the same intentions, but how bigger impact can it make.

This time next year I hope to be telling you things like ‘The Government are going to fund MND research’ and ‘They’ve found a cure for MND’ ‘Innocent people are no longer sentenced by this secret disease,’

We can hope and we can pray – but ultimately we can ACT. ‘One small step for a man is like a giant leap for mankind’ (corrected version of Neil Armstrong’s famous words)

So please just go that inch:

‘Because we know, when we add up all those inches, that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing’ – between finding a cure or being stuck where we are now.


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