The Paul Price Foundation

“My name is Melissa and I am Paul’s Daughter. I am 24 years old.

My Dad was an amazing man. He was intelligent, funny and talented in so many things. He was a great singer, amazing guitar player, he built websites from scratch and had them at the top of the google search in no time. He had many business’s over the years and worked for BT. Just when we thought he couldn’t do anymore he learnt how to fly a plane!

He was always so happy and positive, he never let anything get him down and he picked things up so quickly. He would give anything a go.
He really was an incredible man!
On the 16th of November 2012 he sadly passed away. He was taken from us by this Murderer called Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 54!
There is NO CURE for MND! Anyone at any age can be affected. Doctor’s don’t know how it starts and there is nothing they can do once you have it. Very little is known about this disease and it is up to US to change that.
We need to raise money and awareness for the MNDA so that one day we can find a cure and stop this devastating disease from taking any more lives! All the money raised goes towards trials and research to change the future!
I told my Dad I was going to dedicate my life to raising awareness of this dreadful disease and that is exactly what I am going to do!
R.I.P Daddy! I miss you so much. You are my Hero xxx “

So what’s the story?

In December 2010 Dad got a cold. No big deal… and we carried on like normal.

By the new year this cold still hadn’t gone and we noticed his speech was starting to slur. We started to get worried and mentioned that he should see a doctor.
In February 2011 I finally dragged Dad to the Doctors. He was diagnosed with extreme oral thrush and was sent away with a course of antibiotics. When we realised they weren’t working we went back again. This doctor sent him away saying there was nothing wrong with him and the antibiotics just take time to work.
By March he could hardly talk at all so off to see a 3rd doctor who referred him to the ENT specialist.
He had a camera put down his throat and the throat cancer test came back clear! We were over the moon!
Cancer was the worst possible diagnosis it could have been right? … WRONG!
Next was a visit to the Neurologist who did some tests. He had NCV and EMT tests done in early June 2011.
On the 26th of June we went back for the results. That’s when we found out it was MND!
 If anyone was going to beat the disease it was going to be my Dad! Everyone said it, his family, his friends… even people on the MND forum that had never met him. We tried so many different things to try to beat the odds…
To read more about how our family coped with the diagnosis and all of the things we tried to stop the progression of the disease, please read OUR STORY at:
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