Motor Neurone Disease Wristbands

Hey all,

So we have about 50 custom wristbands left raising awareness of MND. (photo shown below)

They’re £2 each plus 30-50p p&p but should be less if you order more.

They’re all individually wrapped:

The plan is to sell them all by Christmas and get some more ready for next year!

So please, if you don’t have one, order one or more by sending me an email:

I hope to see my inbox flooded!

It’s all for a good cause and all the money goes straight to the association.

Thank you,

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6 Responses to Motor Neurone Disease Wristbands

  1. Jack says:

    I have tried to email you however, all my emails get returned saying that the email address is invalid. Do you have another one which I could contact you on?

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    My dad had motor neurone disease and died in 2007 I would realy like to buy one for him

  3. Roxanne ward says:

    hi I’ve tried emailing you but its not letting me.
    my dad has mnd and Im would like to buy a few wrist bands off you could you please email me thanks Roxanne xx

  4. Laura Yell - Motor Neurone Disease says:

    Try if the other email isn’t working!

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