I’ve blogged this video and story before but just another person view on how incredible MND sufferers are!

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Pictures speak a thousand words don’t they?

While some sufferers of terminal diseases throw their hand in and wait for their life to end, Sarah Ezekiel has declared all-out war on her illness.

She has raised funds, co-ordinated a long running campaign on facebook and now made a film to raise awareness.  On top of that she has found time to squeeze in a spot of modelling and is due to visit Buckingham palace later this year.


Sarah was approached by Donna Cresswell of the MND association last year and asked if she would be interested in appearing in a short film to raise awareness of the disease.  Naturally she was on-board right from the start.

It wasn’t an easy film to make, the basement was cold and hard, which wasn’t good news for Sarah.  But the film wasn’t easy to make.  The advert is currently being shown at over…

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