You’re not you

ALS/MND is going to Hollywood.

New movie ‘you’re not you’re is about a self absorbed college who becomes a caretaker for a woman with MND.

I look forward to the movie and i hope it sparks some more awareness of this devastating disease.

Quick summary:

“Based on Michelle Wildgen’s novel of the same name, the drama will center on the life-changing friendship that forms between Kate, a thirty-something woman with ALS (better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Bec, the self-absorbed college student who becomes her part-time caregiver. Last month we reported Swank, who will not only headline as Kate, but also is producing the pic, had selected Nights in Rodanthe director George C. Wolfe to helm. Now THR divulges Rossum could tackle the co-star role of Bec, who struggles with Kate’s deteriorating health, as well as her own listlessness over choosing a career, her classes, and her ongoing affair with a married professor. While the ailing Kate appears to be a role intended to win Swank back the award-season attention her career’s been lacking as of late, You’re Not You could prove an incredible opportunity for Rossum. Bec is described as the film’s protagonist, and starring opposite a heavy-hitter like Swank, Rossum would be given a chance to show critics and audiences what she’s capable of in a demanding leading role, should she sign on. Confirmation on the casting should come soon as You’re Not You is expected to roll into production early next month. 

I will give more info as it come out but fingers crossed the film is great!

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