MND Raffle

MND Raffle results are out:

I didn’t win but…I may have donated funds that find a cure, so everybody wins.

This year’s raffle closed on 31st August and was drawn on 7th September.

The winners are:

1st prize – £4,000 cash
Ticket 140212 – Mrs Flint, Gloucestershire

2nd prize – £500 cash
Ticket 480363 – Ms Tait, Norfolk

3rd prize – £200 cash
Ticket 280958 – Mrs Turner, Staffordshire

22 runners up prizes – £20 M&S voucher:

Ticket 265029 – Mrs Long, Staffordshire
Ticket 190693 – Mrs Hopkinson, Lancashire
Ticket 88601 – Lord Ashburton, Hampshire
Ticket 482905 – Mrs Leader, Bedfordshire
Ticket 440890 – Ms Kendall, Gloucestershire
Ticket 165753 – Mr Deans, Dumfries and Galloway
Ticket 614476 – Mrs Paul, Essex
Ticket 204927 – Mrs Kendall, Wirral
Ticket 95942 – Mrs Carey, Bristol
Ticket 377901 – J Bratt, Cheshire
Ticket 332624 – Mrs Radcliffe, London
Ticket 18537 – Mrs Arnold, Gloucestershire
Ticket 640398 – Mr Woolard, Anonymous
Ticket 614295 – Mrs Kerry, Buckinghamshire
Ticket 158561 – S R Philips, Mid Glamorgan
Ticket 165730 – Mr Gordon, Dumfries and Galloway
Ticket 623974 – Mr Taylor, Leicestershire
Ticket 231065 – S Richie, Lincolnshire
Ticket 461671 – Mrs Watkin, Cheshire
Ticket 808671 – Miss Jeffries, Oxfordshire 
Ticket 153510 – Mr Jennings, Hampshire
Ticket 630998 – Ms Sander, Devon 

Finally, we would like to thank you so much once again for your support!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket, especially all my flat mates who bought one from me!! You know how much it means to me so thank you.

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