6 Degrees of separation

24 Countries!! This blog is now proliferating many boarders, hopefully with that correlates the increase in awareness and knowledge about the disease.

The more people that know about MND, the more likely it is to be given more funding, the more likely it is we will find a cure, meaning less people will have a Motor Neurone Disease death sentence.

The easy way to ensure people know is to share with friends and family blog posts you find interesting/informative and encourage them to read and learn. On Facebook the average degree of separation is 5.73. All is takes is a few people to share this blog, and encouraging some of their friends to share it further. I know it’s unrealistic to think, but imagine if all of my Facebook friends and followers on Twitter shared this blog, that would make a huge impact, possibly educating thousands of people about the disease.

All you need to know about MND/ALS should be found somewhere on this page.

Any suggestions or queries I’m more than happy to listen to; email me at laura@yell4me.co.uk

Thank you for your support up till now, and hopefully the growth of support will be exponential and soon everyone will be educated on this fatal disease.

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2 Responses to 6 Degrees of separation

  1. Claire Gilbert says:

    Well done for getting the message out there about MND. Brilliant. My dad has it. I have written a poem for my children when he is no longer here about letting go of a balloon and saying goodbye. Is there any advice about how to illustrate as a book to raise funds for MND and to help other children? Thanks Claire

  2. Laura Yell - Motor Neurone Disease says:

    Hi Claire, I’m sorry to hear about your dad,
    It sounds like a lovely poem, would you like to share it?
    I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘how to illustrate as a book?’
    Thanks, Laura

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