The truth behind the Secret Disease

Inspiring Documentary on the truth about ALS

“One of the most powerful pieces of film I have ever seen! What a thoroughly awesome, incredible group of people. While I did not know Tim in some ways I feel- through the Often Awesome Series – that he was a friend of mine. People like Tim, Catie, Micah and Kaylan make the world a better place. It’s so important that we continue to spread awareness, and I for one will do everything I can to do that. F**k ALS!”

This is the 34th and final Documentary on Tim.

If you can face watching the progression this is Episode 1, where he was initially told:

Even just watching the first 5 minutes of Episode 34 will change your views on life itself, and make you realise just how precious it is.

Please spread this video with friends, and everyone you can. Tim has given you the insight into this horrendous disease and you have seen just how it affects people, and how they deteriorate so fast. Please give something back and help us fight this disease once and for all.

Thank you

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