Polly Anna

Polly Anna from Surrey has “slow progressing Motor Neurone disease, am wheelchair bound but brain and verbal abilities fully operational!”

She spends lots of time writing poetry here is one I found very deep and honest:

“I sit here each day, my mind wandering
Where do I go from here, pray?
Am I destined to fritter away what is left
Of my life, sitting here every day?
My legs, they hardly function
My arms, they are rubbish too
My neck gets so tired I find it hard to explain
The feelings of frustration to you
I daydream about what things might have been
It is silly, I know, and depressing
But, mainly, I ask myself why do I bother?
As carers do my washing and dressing
My retirement was to be idyllic
Three months of the year in the sun
The rest of the year I would fritter away
Enjoying each day one by one
Fate has dealt a blow that is bitter
MND is surely no fun
It robs one of life bit by little bit
Not to be wished on anyone
I try hard to remain somewhat positive
Think about what I can still do
Unfortunately, the list is not very long
But I still have a voice, that is true
I can carry on writing my poetry
Or whinge, as I do in my blog
I could write the odd article about MND
And how everyday is a slog
I can still shout about how bad life is
Being stuck in a flippin’ wheelchair
Doing nothing else but computing
When I’d much prefer to be elsewhere
But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel
A new culprit has reared up it’s head
Though I don’t know if the research will find
A real treatment before I am dead”
From [http://pollyanna32mnd.blogspot.co.uk/]
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