Can you do it?

While reading this article, I want you to sit completely still and only move once you’ve finished.

Motor neurones control your voluntary muscle activity, they allow you to walk, breath and swallow, daily things a lot of us don’t even think about. Motor Neurone Disease is degenerative and causes weakness and wasting of muscles, without motor neurones a person is no longer self-sufficient. Imagine having to rely on someone else to have a drink or go to the toilet or even speak. It is a cruel disease that effects not only the person with it, but all the people who love and care for them every minute of the day. About 5000 people have the disease at any one time in the UK and a person dies from MND every 8 hours. There is no cure yet as each case is unique, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. The MNDA receives no Government funding, it relies solely on public donations.

Keep sitting still.

So therefore I decided to create a blog. My aim in creating it, is to raise awareness of the charity and the disease itself, so that people can understand how there fundraising can help. The disease is horrendous and I want people to be aware of it, so when it comes to fundraising, they will choose to support MNDA. Fund raising, no matter how large or small, makes a difference, it all contributes to getting closer to finding the cause and hopefully the cure.

Imagine if this was you, could you be this optimistic? How would you react, and what would you do? Please just take a moment to watch this short video if you haven’t already, it’s about Julie, who has Motor Neurone Disease. (stay sitting still)

I have seen the effect this disease has on a person and it is truly heartbreaking, no more people should die this way, so tell people about MND and maybe one day they will find a cure.

You’ve not been able to move for about 5/10 minutes imagine never being able to move again.

Written by Sophie King and Laura Yell

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