Possible Causes of MND

There are two main ways of developing MND:

Sporadic or Genetic.

The latter simply means it is passed down through generations due to mutations in DNA, the former is a little more complicated and uncertain:

Sporadic MND

Most people who develop MND have ‘sporadic’ MND – this means there is no family history, and it is extremely unlikely to develop in other family members.

Possible factors are:

-Exposure to chemicals,

-Fractures and injuries,


-Military service,

-Engaging in some sports or high levels of exercise,

Research studies have so far failed to find clear conclusive evidence but that it is likely to be a mixture of different factors.

(source http://www.healthtalkonline.org/Nerves_and_brain/motorneuronedisease/Topic/3429/)

Once diagnosed though, many people weren’t interested as to how they got it, as there was little point in worrying about it.

There is a HUGE Question mark over the causes of it in general.

  • Genetically it is thought to be passed on through a SOD-1 gene mutation (superoxide dismutase)
  • TDP-43 is also suspected to have a potential influence


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