Government places medical research at the core of the NHS

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“Following a lobbying campaign headed by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and its member organisations including the MND Association, the government has made changes to the Health and Social Care Bill to put medical research at the heart of the NHS.

Health Minister Earl Howe has tabled three amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill that place a strong duty on the Secretary of State for Health, the NHS Commissioning Board and GP-led clinical commissioning groups to promote research and the use of research-based evidence across the NHS. These changes should ensure that research is embedded in the system and encourage clinicians, scientists and other researchers to conduct more research, including MND research.

The government’s amendments will be made to the bill at report stage, which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 8th February. You can follow the bill’s progress online on the UK Parliament web site. The Association, along with our partner organisations, will continue to work with the government to ensure the best possible outcome for people living with and affected by Motor Neurone Disease.”

An interesting article I found online about new changes to the NHS schedule. Hopefully these changes will create an environment in which research into MND can prosper revealing what we hope to be significant steps into finding out more information about the disease.

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